You haven't given up on your child-

and neither will we.

Being a parent of a child who’s struggling is tough. What if you could get to the root of the challenges and “problematic” behaviors?

Let’s work together to find answers and tools — so your child can take on the world with confidence, resilience, and flexibility.

Empowering Families
Supporting Parents
Shaping Futures

"It sounds dramatic, but Hanna has been our savior, after many years of despair."

Meeting Hanna was a huge relief. She helped us to understand why our son was struggling so much. She gave us research-based answers and practical tools that we hadn’t gotten from any other professionals. And it’s not woo-woo. She knows her stuff!! It sounds dramatic, but Hanna has been our savior, after many years of despair. 

I’m not sure who loves and appreciates her more, us or our son.  


— Miriam, Mother of Akiva

You know your child is smart — but school is NOT bringing out their best (to put it lightly). You want to blame “the system,” but at home, there are challenges too. 



“Is this my fault? Maybe I messed him up.”

 “Is she in the wrong school? Will another place be better?”

“Should I consider medication? Are there no other options out there?”

 “I don’t have time for my other kids, and they feel it.”

  “I'm tired of all the labels. Why can't they see him for who he really is?”

 “Will he ever outgrow these meltdowns? Why are we stuck in this pattern?” 

 “I don’t want a therapist judging my parenting, my inner critic does that job.”

 “I need support. I can’t do this on my own.”

But really, you deserve a medal.

It’s draining AND demanding. Yet day-in-day-out, you keep trooping on. (While juggling the needs of the rest of your family.) 

You’ve tried it all.  You’ve schlepped from OT to PT, to Speech Therapy. Onto horses, art, animals. And. And. And.

You’ll do anything to make your kid’s (+ your) life easier.

Published with Shloimie's permission 

You’ve still got a whole lot of questions. But answers? Not so much.

"Will I ever truly identify the root causes of my child’s struggles?"

"Can I tackle the challenges with fun and laughter — instead of sweat and tears?"

Yes and yes!

Introducing Neuro-fun: Whole-Child Therapy.

A playful and personalized neuro-developmental program to help kids learn and thrive.


Ben and Hanna Baer: Founders of Neuro-fun.

Your child wants to succeed. 


Here at Neuro-fun, we identify which systems are getting in the way of your child’s well-being and learning — and then we create a custom-made program to strengthen the weaker functions so your child can show the world who he/she really is.

​But there are systems and functions, in their mind and body, that are holding them back.

Because when you nurture the roots, a plant will grow.

That’s why we work on:

Rebalancing the nervous system your child gets out of stress and survival mode and can start to learn and play like the kids his age.

Developing strong neuro-pathways your child becomes an independent problem solver even when there are frustrations and changes in place.

Building confidence and problem-solving skills your child is empowered and equipped to tackle life’s challenges, with flexibility and resilience.

“Sounds like a dream, but how does that actually happen?”

Here are the systems that we assess and address in our dynamic journey:

Auditory Processing

Visual Processing

Sensory Processing

Learning/Thinking skills

Bio-chemical factors

Nervous system regulation


Problem-Solving skills

Emotional-coping skills

“But one second, who are you guys?”

We’re Hanna and Ben Baer — Educational Therapist and Learning Specialist, and parents of our own 2 wonderful daughters. We’ve spent the past 20 years helping kids who were “falling through the cracks” to find their inner strength and discover a world where they could learn and live.


Our thirst to figure out what gets in the way of kids reaching their full potential sparked our own individual journey of education, training, and enrichment. We’ve developed a deep, broad, and dare we say one-of-a-kind approach to helping kids thrive.

Still a little skeptical? Good, we love parents who think.

Don’t worry, we’re not promising an overnight miracle program.

To really help your child, we need two ingredients. 


  • Some good old fashioned teamwork 

  • A generous dose of consistency

And this is the process — in 3 simple steps.

Get Clarity 


 The (Ongoing) Evaluation 


After filling an extensive questionnaire and a 1-hour get to know your child session, with just the parents,  we’ll  meet your child up to 3 times to evaluate which systems are weak, and come up with a doable plan, that fits your family’s needs - to start making change happen

Get to Work 


The Personalized Program


Whether we meet in-clinic online or a combination of both, the sessions are games-based and playful. 

There are also daily exercises, and nutritional adjustments, but don’t fret, they are all in the spirit of fun and collaboration

Get Support 




Whether you choose the group coaching or 1:1 option, you’ll learn how to use proactive and collaborative solutions, so you feel empowered and equipped to help your child. This is your  time to debrief, check in, and get your questions answered

May the hard work fun begin

"My son has started finding solutions and ways to calm down"

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, within a number of sessions, my son (who had become severely aggressive in and out of school) has started finding solutions AND ways to calm down. He’s become a proactive problem solver, rather a victim of his environment.

We had our first beautiful family meal without an outburst in a very long time. 

— M.S, Mother of 4, Jerusalem

Who is Neuro-fun for?

“My son isn’t doing well in school. I’m getting calls all the time from his teacher. He’s a smart kid, I just can’t put my finger on the problem."

“I’m drained. I’ve been running from one therapist to another for the past 13 years. We don’t just need to name feelings, I need deep answers and support .”

Kids aged 6-18, and their parents.

“My daughter is still bedwetting, and has tantrums often, sometimes she can be so mature, but then other times she’s totally out of control."

Tailor-made program to meet your family’s needs

100% support for kids and their fantastic parents

Respectful and non-judgemental environment

Is this what my family needs?

Here are the methods and theories that form the backbone of our program.

If you’d be relieved to:


Discover practical solutions to negative behavioural patterns

Understand what's really behind your kids struggles


Know how to create change, from the inside-out


Use playful exercises to promote neuro- development

Feel more connected and bonded with your child

“Hanna radiates love... we feel so supported by her and so does our son.”

Hanna literally radiates love for our son. We can feel it and so can he. She literally wants to eat him up. He’s been so much calmer since we started working with her, and we feel so supported by her, and so does our son. 


— Daniel, Father of 4, Jerusalem


How can we help your family? Check out the options below.

Remember. Each child/family we work with gets a personalized program.

So take these as a general guideline, and  let’s talk

to discuss what would work for you.

Possibility #1.

20 week Basic Program

Possibility #2.

Extra Support for Parents

Possibility #3. Intensive Program

Questionnaire: You fill out an in-depth questionnaire — we start to get to know your child and pinpoint what’s causing the struggles.

Meeting: We meet for 1hr on Zoom or in person to discuss the questionnaire and get more insights into your child.

(All of possibility  #1 PLUS..)

(All of possibility #1 & 2 PLUS..)

Coaching: Once a week, we'll have a parent coaching session. You will learn and implement the approach of Dr. Ross Greene and get to debrief, ask your questions, and discuss progress

Bi-weekly sessions: Twice a week, we'll have a a 40 min or 1 hr session with child and parent, in person or online

Evaluation: We spend 3-4 sessions with you and your child to start uncovering  the root issues.

Summary: We give you a clear summary of the evaluation and an outline of the personalized program we’ve developed for your child.

Weekly sessions: We meet with you and your child once a week for 40min or 1hr, in person or online.

Home-program: Between  sessions, you and your child practice individualized exercises and games at home 5 times per week.

Johansen Individual Auditory Stimulation - Listening Program

Ready, Set, Grow!

“Ben has given our son a chance. We now see changes far beyond our expectations.”

We have come across many different people in our search for help for our son. From Doctors to Psychologists and many other people telling us what was wrong with our child. All of them telling us but nobody listening to what we saw and experienced. Nobody seeing the abilities and strengths our son has. Until we met Benyamin Baer. WIth his ability to listen, to work with us and guide us when we felt hopeless  he has given our son a chance. We now see changes far beyond our expectations. 


Mr. R., Montreal

Since the Baers have been working with him he’s opened up emotionally and intellectually, and is discovering and beginning to believe in his great intelligence”

My teen-aged grandson has never done well in school...Labeled learning disabled, dyslexic, or behaviorally problematic.... Since the Baers have been working with him he has opened up emotionally and intellectually and is discovering and beginning to believe in his great intelligence. Their approach is truly creative and extremely effective. Forget labels and past history. The Baers meet young persons in the here and now and help them, like butterflies, to emerge and fly.


Grandmother of S. Montreal

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Do you work with the Kupot Cholim?

We do not work with the Kupot Cholim, our work is private.

  • Where do you have clinics?

We currently see kids in Ramat Bet Shemesh and online.

  • Can I talk to someone who’s worked with you?

Sure, contact us and we’ll be happy to put you in touch with past clients.

  • My child does not have learning difficulties, is your program helpful for him?

Our program isn't only suited for children with learning difficulties. We help kids who struggle with behavioral, social, and emotional challenges. When we jump on a call and hear about your child, we will get a sense of your child's needs, and if it isn't the right program, isn't the right match, we'll say so.

  • Does your program always last 20 weeks?

After 20 weeks we evaluate the progress and decide with the parents if we continue, diminish parts of the program, or are able to stop.

  • What languages do you speak?

Between both of us, we speak Hebrew, English, Dutch, and French.

Help your super-duper-child take on the world.

We can do this. Together.

 - 2020 Made with joy by Neuro-Fun and Miriam Shwedel Copy Writing -
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