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How can we help your family?

We know that each family and child have unique needs and goals

That's why as part of Neuro-Fun we offer:

A Free "Get acquainted" session

Parent coaching (zoom)

An in-depth Evaluation

Parenting support group

Weekly session (or more if necessary)

Training for classroom assisstant

An at-home guided program

Learn to Learn while learning English

And this is the process — in 3 simple steps.

Get Clarity 


 The (Ongoing) Evaluation 


After filling an extensive questionnaire and a 1-hour get to know your child session, with just the parents,  we’ll  meet your child up to 3 times to evaluate which systems are weak, and come up with a doable plan, that fits your family’s needs - to start making change happen

Get to Work 


The Personalized Program


Whether we meet in-clinic online or a combination of both, the sessions are games-based and playful. 

There are also daily exercises, and nutritional adjustments, but don’t fret, they are all in the spirit of fun and collaboration

Get Support 




Whether you choose the group coaching or 1:1 option, you’ll learn how to use proactive and collaborative solutions, so you feel empowered and equipped to help your child. This is your  time to debrief, check in, and get your questions answered

These are the systems that we assess and address in our dynamic journey:

Auditory Processing

Learning/Thinking skills


Visual Processing

Sensory Processing

Bio-chemical factors

Nervous system regulation

Problem-Solving skills

Emotional-coping skills

Here are the methods and theories that form the backbone of our program.

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“Ben has given our son a chance. We now see changes far beyond our expectations.”


We have come across many different people in our search for help for our son. From Doctors to Psychologists and many other people telling us what was wrong with our child. All of them telling us but nobody listening to what we saw and experienced. Nobody seeing the abilities and strengths our son has. Until we met Benyamin Baer. WIth his ability to listen, to work with us and guide us when we felt hopeless  he has given our son a chance. We now see changes far beyond our expectations. 


Mr. R., Montreal

Since the Baers have been working with him he’s opened up emotionally and intellectually, and is discovering and beginning to believe in his great intelligence”


My teen-aged grandson has never done well in school...Labeled learning disabled, dyslexic, or behaviorally problematic.... Since the Baers have been working with him he has opened up emotionally and intellectually and is discovering and beginning to believe in his great intelligence. Their approach is truly creative and extremely effective. Forget labels and past history. The Baers meet young persons in the here and now and help them, like butterflies, to emerge and fly.


Grandmother of S. Montreal

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Do you work with the Kupot Cholim?

We do not work with the Kupot Cholim, our work is private.

  • Where do you have clinics?

We currently see kids in Ramat Bet Shemesh, Jerusalem and online.

  • Can I talk to someone who’s worked with you?

Sure, contact us and we’ll be happy to put you in touch with past clients.

  • My child does not have learning difficulties, is your program helpful for him?

We help kids who struggle with learning, behavioral, social, and emotional challenges. When we jump on a call and hear about your child, we will get a sense of your child's needs, and if it isn't the right program, isn't the right match, we'll say so.

  • Does your program always last 20 weeks?

After 20 weeks we evaluate the progress and decide with the parents if we continue, diminish parts of the program, or are able to stop.

  • What languages do you speak?

Between both of us, we speak Hebrew, English, Dutch, and French.

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