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One second -  who are you?”

We’re Hanna and Ben Baer - an Educational Therapist and Learning Specialist, and parents to two wonderful daughters. 

We’ve spent the past 20 years helping kids who were “falling through the cracks” to find their inner strength and discover a world where they could learn and live. 

Our thirst to figure out what gets in the way of kids reaching their full potential sparked our own individual journey of education, training, and enrichment. We’ve developed a deep, broad, and dare we say one-of-a-kind approach to helping kids thrive.


“After years on the front-line as a classroom teacher,  I wanted to understand how we learn, and why certain children struggle.

“Professor Reuven Feuerstein PhD, Z”L opened my eyes to the field of ‘Dynamic Intervention and Assessment’.

“This led to a 12-year collaboration with the Feuerstein Institute in Jerusalem and a Masters Degree in Child Development and Special Education.

“As I began to implement my learning I saw children blossom before my eyes. I was blown away and humbled by the positive changes I witnessed.

“Back in Canada, this training informed my work for the next 15 years as the Director of The Pediatric Developmental Center in Montreal. Here I led a clinical team of therapists, teachers, team supervisors and social workers.”



“I qualified as a special education teacher, determined to help children overcome their learning, behavioural and emotional challenges. 

Despite my training, I didn’t feel I had the answers to really help my students. It broke my heart to see my students continue to struggle. I didn’t want to focus on the “labels” placed on them, I knew there must be more ways to help them. 

This led me to become a certified Brain Stimulation Method de Jong Therapist in Holland, and a Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Mediator. I also studied the Interactive Metronome and the Johansen Individual Auditory Stimulation Method.

I had finally gained the tools to help the whole child, employing methods that address the connection between the brain and the body. I am blessed everyday to be able to use my education and intuition to help children in a profound and lasting way. 

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