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We are very excited about and looking forward to our Brain Connection camp with your kids!

At Neuro-Fun Whole Child Therapy, we believe every child possesses a unique potential, often obscured by emotional, behavioral, or learning challenges. Our mission is to illuminate and nurture this potential in children aged 6-18, guiding them towards feeling happier and successful. Our day camp for ages 6-9 is designed to align with this vision, providing a holistic approach to development through fun and engaging activities. 

In joining our camp, your child will go on an adventure of self-discovery with brain and body awareness, ways to calm themselves down, having a growth mindset, cool science experiments, art expression, and cooking healthy food. They'll get to practice and improve their self-control, feel proud of what they do, and, most importantly, realize that learning and exploring can actually be fun!

Camp Highlights:

  • Brain Education: Learn about the brain through interactive models and fun experiments.

  • Neurodevelopmental Movement Exercises: Enhance brain development with daily exercises and coordination games.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Understand and manage emotions with mindfulness exercises and games.

  • Growth Mindset: Foster resilience and a positive outlook with inspiring stories and role-playing.

  • Sensorial/Visual Arts: Stimulate creativity with diverse art projects and sensory play.

  • Cognitive Skills: Boost cognitive abilities with puzzles, memory games, and problem-solving activities.

  • Science Experiments: Explore scientific principles with hands-on experiments.

  • Cooking: Develop basic cooking skills and learn about nutrition with fun cooking challenges.

  • Games and Activities: Enjoy group games, outdoor play, and themed days.

Our camp will take place in Armon Hanatziv, Jerusalem

Register here for our camp!

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