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We address the cause, not the symptoms

Fundamental to our work is our faith in the ability of any child to learn and change. Our conviction is based on our understanding of the underlying difficulties and an appreciation of the person the child is.

Children have learned to focus on providing “the right answer” or the desired behavior. They are not used to their thinking processes being validated, even in spite of an incorrect answer. If your child cannot focus on the teacher’s voice while others are speaking as well, she will not be able to give a correct answer. Unless identified, she might not understand she is experiencing a problem but believe she is the problem. 


We work with the whole person - the feelings  and emotions, the brain and thinking processes and the body’s physical processes. We teach how to learn not what to learn. Working with the strengths and trust of your child and using our diverse tools, we affect systemic change.

Parents first complete a pre-evaluation questionnaire. Over the following three sessions we conduct a detailed parent interview, an evaluation of relevant physical aspects and a dynamic evaluation of thinking skills. Finally, we meet to discuss the evaluation results and the recommended individualized program.

  • Age 4 to 18

  • Gifted underachiever

  • Difficulty attending & maintaining concentration 

  • Seemingly clumsy, difficulty with sitting still & balance

  • Poor listening skills & memory issues - focused on details

  • Resistance to reading & writing - Dyslexia

  • Unmotivated to learn independently; Poor planning behavior

  • Difficulty tolerating noisy environments

  • Easily frustrated & quick to anger with classwork or homework

  • Low self-esteem, discouraged & withdrawn


Some of the concerns we address:

A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimension.

-Oliver Wendell Holmes

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